Kyla hard kombucha nutrition facts

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Kyla hard kombucha nutrition facts

Kombucha has recently been getting attention in the health world, but it has actually been around for nearly 2, years when people started using it in Ancient China to help heal a variety of ailments. But what exactly is kombucha? The tea is typically fermented with cane sugar in a process that takes about 2 weeks.

Most kombucha only has small traces of alcohol, but we had a better idea. To make our boozy booch, we add more sugar and a secondary yeast after the first round of fermentation is complete.

Boochcraft Hard Kombucha Nutrition: Calories, Sugar, & Caffeine Included

You just need to buy one online, ask a friend who brews kombucha at home to gift you one, or just buy your favorite unpasteurized organic kombucha to use as the starter culture. Not only is kombucha a tasty, fizzy alcoholic drink, but it hosts a variety of health benefits that are good for you. During the fermentation process, a large amount of probiotic bacteria is produced which fills your gut with healthy bacteria that can improve digestion, inflammation, and even encourage weight loss.

Kombucha is also rich in antioxidants and it is thought to protect the liver from toxicity. Its antibacterial properties help to protect the body from bad bacteria and yeasts. The benefits are undeniable and choosing hard kombucha over other alcoholic beverages is a no brainer when it comes to nutritional information.

Get a buzz while also filling your body with probiotics and antioxidants? Yes, please! Everything about Boochcraft — from the best unique flavor combinations to the bubbly carbonation — is designed to deliver a delicious and conscious alternative to beer and wine.

All of our ingredients are locally sourced and we keep our flavors designed with seasonally fresh-pressed juices.

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Our hard kombucha is gluten free, fluoride and chlorine free and we are locally owned and operated here in San Diego. Our mission is to produce the highest quality kombucha as a means to create connection, inspire vitality and lead through innovation. At Boochcraft we are on a mission to inspire connection.

To live a bold and adventurous life, rich with meaningful relationships and a supportive community. Simply put, to live cultured. Sign up to receive our monthly newsletter for the latest news on events, special release flavors and promotions. Hard Kombucha Most kombucha only has small traces of alcohol, but we had a better idea.We know that you have lots of options when it comes to alcoholic beverages and we strive to provide a product that incorporates kombucha health benefits into our fizzy alcoholic drink.

Our hard kombucha is also gluten free, organic, and low in caffeine. Why is it this protocol goes completely out the window when it comes to alcoholic beverages? In choosing flavor profiles, our Brew Master specifically chooses ingredients that are:. Ingredients: raw kombucha, cold pressed apple juice, cold pressed lime juice, jasmine green tea, yeast.

Ingredients: raw kombucha, cold pressed grapefruit juice, hibiscus, heather flower, dried ginger, yeast.

Ingredients: raw kombucha, cold pressed orange juice, cold pressed pomegranate juice, beet root powder, wine vinegar, rosemary, yeast.

kyla hard kombucha nutrition facts

Though most of the black tea is consumed by the SCOBY before the final product, there are small amounts of caffeine remaining. Each 11 oz serving has 21 mg caffeine which equals about 3 sips of black tea. To put into perspective, a cup of coffee has about mg per serving. This product is perishable so must be kept cold! Remember to always Booch responsibly and share with your friends! Since we use fresh pressed juices these amounts may vary slightly from batch to batch.

At Boochcraft we are on a mission to inspire connection. To live a bold and adventurous life, rich with meaningful relationships and a supportive community.

kyla hard kombucha nutrition facts

Simply put, to live cultured. Sign up to receive our monthly newsletter for the latest news on events, special release flavors and promotions.

Sees new product. Picks product up. Spins product around to see back of product. In choosing flavor profiles, our Brew Master specifically chooses ingredients that are: 1. Health beneficial 3.

New look. Same liquid. We don't "get" our juice anywhere—we make it in. Load More Follow on Instagram. Keep track of our adventures Sign up to receive our monthly newsletter for the latest news on events, special release flavors and promotions. Yes No.Kombucha may be a trendy cocktail mixerbut recently we've discovered that a few of these probiotic-packed bottles are the cocktail.

As a fermented beverage, regular kombucha naturally contains alcohol, usually about 0. A new category of hard kombuchas have rages of ABV from 4.

kyla hard kombucha nutrition facts

Might these healthy-touting bottles of bubbly help you stay true to your wellness regimes? We sipped a few to find out.

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Traditionally a sweetened tea beverage that's rich in good bacteria and yeast, kombucha has become known as an ultra-healthy beverage. Those kombuchas that line the non-alcoholic beverage case in your supermarket should contain "live probiotic cultures" or they're not much more than tart sugar water. The same is true for hard kombuchas: "kombucha culture" should appear in the ingredients listing to ensure any potential benefits to gut health.

The pleasant fizz of kombucha is a by-product of natural fermentationso it seems a rather likely step for some kombucha makers to let the fermentation process progress into a hard kombucha.

If you're looking for these new bottled cocktail kombuchas, you may find them at local kombucha makers, or sometimes even microbreweries.

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We found several hyper-local brands across the country. But all of the following are actually distributed nationally — although not in every area of the nation. Hard kombucha can be difficult to perfect, with controlling both live cultures, as well as stabilizing naturally occurring alcohol. With calories, 2 grams of sugar and 2 grams of carbs per bottle, it's on the right track with calorie-conscious imbibers.

Another practical benefit of KYLA is its portability. Unlike most sugar-sweetened kombucha, the live cultures in Wild Tonic Jun Kombucha are nourished by honey. That gives this golden colored drink a decidedly different, almost champagne-like fizz and a slightly floral flavor. With an ABV of 5. We liked the Wild Tonic Blueberry Basil Jun Kombucha with semi-sweet blueberry notes, balanced by a slight savory basil presence. Employing more traditional spirit making techniques like aging in bourbon barrels, Unity Vibration Kombucha brews several of their pure kombuchas to 7.

This higher alcohol level is something to keep in mind. But so is the fact that it is raw, unfiltered, and vegan and especially appealing that local Michigan peaches are added to the Unity Vibration Bourbon Peach flavor.

Pink Grapefruit

Tarek and Rachel Kanaan, founders of Unity Vibration note, "We were the first producers of hard kombucha — or what we call kombucha beer — because we were looking for a creative way to maintain our fresh kombucha tea. One note: the labels on these new hard kombuchas can be confusing.

They are a unique beverage category, however because they have ABV's similar to beer, 'beer' must be included on the label.

But read the label carefully to find real kombucha, richest in probiotic 'kombucha cultures,' not just kombucha plus beer — which you can also find in your bottle of bubbly these days. Fermented Fundamentals. Feed Your Probiotics. Choose Food Over Supplements. Get healthy recipes and tips delivered to your inbox weekly.

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KYLA Hard Kombucha Debuts Pink Grapefruit Flavor and Can Variety Pack

Healthy Recipes. Healthy Tips. How to Get a Healthy Buzz.KYLA Hard Kombucha — the brand that puts the fun in functional beverages — has made hard kombucha even easier to take anywhere and to incorporate into a healthy-ish lifestyle. The team that brought you the better-for-you hard kombucha with only calories and 2 g or less sugar and carbs has now launched a slim-can variety pack and also a brand-new — and already coveted — Pink Grapefruit flavor. For more information, please visit kylakombucha.

KYLA is sold in six-pack bottles and 12 oz slim cans in store and on-premise in sixth-barrel kegs. The leading job board for the beer industry. Featuring hundreds of jobs from leading breweries and associated companies. The Brewbound Marketplace features listings for equipment, services, and more. Post a listing today. The Brewbound Podcast features interviews with beer industry executives and entrepreneurs, along with highlights and commentary from the weekly news.

New episodes every Thursday. Brewbound's database of breweries includes thousands of breweries from around the world. Beer Events Calendar. Cannabis Forum Summer Brewbound Live Winter Inthe company launched its calorie SeaQuench Alebrewed with black limes and sea salt. Sales of SeaQuench were up 96 percent over the week period ending February 17,according to data from market research firm IRI, and the early success of a lighter offering led Dogfish to consider the development of additional products for active lifestyle consumers.

Hawaiian sea salt is also added to the brew, according to the company. His solution?

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An organic spiked-and-sparkling beverage that comes in eight flavor varieties black cherry, tangerine, strawberry-lemon, blackberry-lemon, grapefruit, mango, peach, and coconut pineapplecontains zero sugar and is sweetened with stevia leaf extract and erythritol.

The beer itself is brewed with pink Himalayan sea salt and is being marketed to marathon runners as a better-for-you, post-race refreshment option. The list of products being marketed toward wellness-minded consumers who count calories and scrutinize nutrition labels is growing longer by the day.

It also created television ads to promote the new brew. Meanwhile, Deschutes Brewery, the 10th largest craft brewery in the U. Oregon-based Deschutes is also currently developing a range of low- and no-alcohol offerings that it hopes will appeal to a growing number of consumers who are moderating or abstaining from booze — 52 percent of beer drinkers are making efforts to reduce their consumption of alcohol, market research firm Nielsen said.

Perhaps the biggest signal that craft breweries were pivoting toward more functional beers came in February, when Sierra Nevada Brewing Company made its first-ever acquisitionbuying San Francisco-based Sufferfest Beer Company. Sufferfest — a term used to describe an extended endurance endeavor, such as a race or a hard workout — was launched in by Caitlin Looney Landesberg, a former marketing executive at fitness app Strava.

The company makes gluten-reduced beers made with ingredients such as bee pollen and sodium and markets to endurance athletes. She argues, the beer category has struggled to keep pace with the broader food and beverage marketplace trend toward healthier snacks and drinks that boast fewer ingredients with more functional benefits.

Beginners Guide To Fermentation: Kombucha Making

Cider was too sugary. All of this has left most major beer companies angling for a piece of the beer market that is still hard to quantify. In recent years, dozens of large malt beverage manufacturers and smaller regional craft beer producers have rushed into a crowded hard seltzer category — one that now accounts for 1. The big breweries have bought or developed their own, as well. Both companies have made significant investments in production capacity, and they are among an emerging group of entrepreneurs — including Kevita founder Bill Moses, who recently launched Flying Embers Organic Hard Kombucha — who are convinced a large swath of drinkers will eventually seek out alcoholic products with more functional benefits, such as probiotics.

JuneShine, which recently completed a capital raise and acquired the original 24, sq. Ballast Point Brewing facility, is betting that more consumers will seek out alcohol products matching the level of transparency that many food and beverage companies currently provide. Consumers want to know the ingredients, and they want there to be some functional benefit.

The largest hard kombucha brand in the set is Boochcraft, with about 53 percent of the market share by dollars.Search in:. My FatSecret. Food database and calorie counter Source: Generic. Last updated: 04 Mar 17 PM. Calorie Breakdown:. Nutrition summary: Calories. Food Search. Please note that some foods may not be suitable for some people and you are urged to seek the advice of a physician before beginning any weight loss effort or diet regimen.

Although the information provided on this site is presented in good faith and believed to be correct, FatSecret makes no representations or warranties as to its completeness or accuracy and all information, including nutritional values, is used by you at your own risk.

All trademarks, copyright and other forms of intellectual property are property of their respective owners. Get the app. All rights reserved.

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United States. Food database and calorie counter. Nutrition Facts Serving Size. Nutrition summary: Calories Fat 0g. Carbs 3. Protein 0g. Cola Soda with Caffeine. Orange Juice. Synergy Gingerberry Kombucha Bottle. Health Ade Pomegranate Kombucha. Synergy Trilogy Kombucha. Add this item to my food diary date:. KFC Strawberry Lemonade 20 oz. Bubly Lemon Sparkling Water. Kimino Ume Sparkling Drink. Starbucks Dragon Drink Venti.There are now seemingly as many wellness beverages as soft drinks.

For instance:. We want to know! Not to mention, all the stuff that bougie supermarkets like Erewhon churn out:. Add a little color into your every day. Nor does any of that account for all the new forms of milk :. Likewise, adaptogen teas are said regulate your mood and anxiety. But you know what kind of drinks people have long considered the most effective for their emotional well-being? Alcoholic ones.

Case in point: Flying Embers Hard Kombucha. The newest project from Bill Moses, the founder of the popular kombucha brand KeVitaFlying Embers offers three different flavors:. Kombucha probiotics plus adaptogens plus botanicals plus mint plus a buzz?

How nourishing!


All those ingredients Flying Embers names at least sound way more nourishing than say, a beer or margarita. Obviously then, I taste-tested all three flavors with a friend, polishing off a bottle and a half before the night was over.

Each bottle contains about two to three servings, or the equivalent of a large IPA. I loved them all, especially the ginger and oak, which was less sweet than the others. Similar to how a natural wine contains a more complex, funky flavor than a typical wine, these kombuchas tasted like a subtly flavored cider or fruity beer. That said, I woke up with the same cloudy cognition I always experience after a night of drinking. Nobody promised me that the adaptogens would help minimize my hangover, but I kinda expected that they would.

A great example is calcium. But the rest of the cereal is nothing more than a sugary high, and the amount of calcium used is bested by the amount of calcium in the milk or non-dairy alternative used with it. I take one from VisBiomeand I give my son one called Ultimate Flora with numerous strains as well.

Tierney Finster is a journalist, screenwriter, actor and model from Los Angeles, California. She is a contributing writer at MEL, specializing in love, sex, mental health, drugs, queer culture and the cannabis industry. It gets double points for managing to pull off that project with style and charm, not self-seriousness. Hooch-Booch is delicious, but not necessarily nutritious. View this post on Instagram.


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